QuestFusion Holding A Complimentary Webinar for Startup CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Key Elements of a Fundable Business Plan

QuestFusion, a strategy consulting and venture-investing firm, will be hosting a complementary Webinar scheduled for Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 1:00pm PST. The Webinar will focus on Key Elements of a Fundable Business for startup companies. Some of the questions that will be answered are:

  • What are the key components of a business plan?
  • How do you establish credibility with investors, customers and partners?
  • Why should someone invest in YOU and your company?
  • How do you identify the best investors for your company?
  • When should you approach investors?
  • What are "critical milestones" for fundability?

The session will be concluded by a Q&A session with Patrick Henry, the CEO of QuestFusion. Attendees to the Webinar will receive a checklist and notes. To register for the Webinar, go to The Real Deal Live:

"I think 2016 is going to be a very interesting year with the dynamics in the US and global economy, the upcoming US presidential election, the Olympics, and all the new technologies being launched to make our lives better, more fun, and more productive," said Patrick Henry, the CEO of QuestFusion. "I think there will be many opportunities for new ideas, innovation, and new companies. I will apply my knowledge, based on decades of experience in running startups and emerging growth companies, to help entrepreneurs who attend this Webinar. I'll work to help attendees understand the key elements of assessing the fundability of their business, and how to highlight and articulate the most essential parts of their plan, thus increasing the chances of getting funded by the right investors at the best possible valuation."

QuestFusion plans to have a complementary Webinar every month of 2016 on key topics relevant to entrepreneurs working to grow their companies. These Webinars will include extensive Q&A with Mr. Henry. He will make himself available for "virtual coaching" for those entrepreneurs that can benefit from more hands-on assistance in addition to the tools provided in the Webinar and online. This will be an intermediate solution between purely online coaching and a retained consulting agreement that has been the focus of Mr. Henry's consulting practice in 2015. As part of QuestFusion's online platform expansion in 2016, the company will enable a collaborative community for entrepreneurs to share their ideas and experience.

Patrick Henry is a serial entrepreneur and the former CEO of Entropic Communications. As CEO of Entropic, Mr. Henry was the winner of the 2008 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Technology, the San Diego Daily Transcript 2008 Top Influentials, and 2011 San Diego Business Journal Most Admired CEO. Mr. Henry is a former board member and advisor to EvoNexus, a San Diego non-profit trade organization and technology company incubator and accelerator. Under Mr. Henry's leadership, Entropic set a number of industry standards in the cable and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) TV industries. Mr. Henry has also worked on various aspects of hardware, software, and security across a broader set of markets throughout his career.

About QuestFusion: QuestFusion advises company founders, CEOs and boards of directors on areas of strategy, new business development, and raising growth capital. QuestFusion has decades of executive experience in navigating a company through rapid growth, and the dynamics associated with changes in strategic direction. QuestFusion provides significant experience in developing and implementing business plans and processes that are suitable for emerging growth companies. Our web site can be found at Follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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